Community Video Curation

Movie nights with friends, family, pets, or anons. Chat and watch sync’d videos from YouTube, Twitch or other platforms. Vote on what to watch. Tip with crypto. Chill and watch whatever!

Whether you're new to Mimic or want to expand your knowledge, you'll be able to find everything Mimic has to offer in this in-depth guide we've collected here.

What is Mimic?

Mimic is a synchronized video streaming platform. Synchronized videos enable users to watch the exact same video at the exact same time, just like watching TV or going to a theater with your friends.

Users can create channels and add videos from YouTube, Twitch and many other sites to their playlist. Mimic empowers the creator economy as channels are highly customizable!

Mimic aims to free content creators and communities from financial restrictions so we've adapted decentralized finance (DeFi) practices into the platform. Users can connect Web3 wallets such as MetaMask and tip/donate to channel hosts.


Mimic was started as a hackathon project by Min Yao and Nick Ruck in January 2019. In 10 weeks they created a demo project utilizing Kyber Network widgets for tipping and landed as the finalists of the Future of Blockchain competition where they placed in 4th out of over 160 university teams from Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial, LSE, UCL, KCL and Queen Mary’s while also winning the Kyber Network Challenge.

Mimic's lead developer Gautam joined in November 2019 and launched the platform into rapid development as we entered the Encode / ThunderCore club, an incubation program where we launched a DApp on the ThunderCore Hub.